Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Warm Weather's Near: The Lensman's Best Recipe for Beautiful Man Pics!~

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  All things Photomasculine,
And the times and places
That bring men together.

Indoors and out, it's the time of year
to really bring out the best 
in your days!~

Boys of Summer:

The sky's the limit!!!~

 Let the Lens be your Eye on the World!~

 Winter's very indoor days are ending~

You sense the need to get out~



The Season for Auto-Eroticism~

 ~And now you really come out!!!~

~City guys, give it a try!~


 Suburban and Rural guys, give it a try!~

 Video and still cam, you're probably ready~

 Let your love of Male Beauty show itself, 
before and behind the Lens!~


 The possibilities are limitless!~

 If you're young and ready to explore~

 Home and outdoors are both great~

 School and home alike~

Let your true feelings rise strong and proud!~

burning_line.gif - (7K)

burning_line.gif - (7K)

 ~Or a big man on the jobsite or your own back yard~

 ~There's the casual setting at home~

Overnight Guests Arising~

~And there's the studio~

Handsome Hopefuls~

 It's time to basque and enjoy~

So, record some of it, too~

Sun_and_yellow_2.gif - (5K)free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.comSun_and_yellow_2.gif - (5K)


Remember, the Best Season's ahead~


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